Andy Spade

The creative impresario and world traveler reveals his trove of awe-inspiring things

Photography Danielle Levitt

Photography Danielle Levitt

Over the years, Andy Spade has served as an ad man, an art patron, a fashion mogul, a gallerist, a publisher, a photographer, a creative director, and a world-class collector—the latter quite evident even from a cursory glance around his gracious Park Avenue apartment. Having inherited the collecting gene from his father, a writer who amassed thousands of books, Spade naturally accumulates beautiful, interesting, and amusing things. Books are piled high on his coffee tables; works of art—everything from an Andy Warhol fashion illustration to an Alice Neel portrait—cover his walls; chic vignettes of silver boxes, African masks, and vibrant umbrellas are displayed in every room. And that is just the beginning. Spade also owns seven warehouses full of trinkets he’s acquired on his travels. “It’s sad, but true,” he says, reasoning that it is all in inspiration’s name. Indeed, Spade is perpetually developing a slew of clever projects. Current ones include a line of imperfect white shirts with irregular sleeves and buttons that don't fit through the holes, and a book of his least-liked Instagram images. “My ideas come from all over,” he shrugs. Here, a few of his favorite treasures.


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